Doublet cap

Any opinions on using goshenite or Beryllonite as caps for doublets or triplets?
I’m not sure what one I have.

If u spot the single different crystal see if u can Id it also I know what it is. Its the eye catching transparent I’m unsure of. The change color slightly to a light pink hue some with a opal type effect (I believe to be fracters with a air gap) then some have no effect that can be seen bye eye.
P.s. corundum leaves a very light scratch quart leaves no scratch.

Stones and/or materials that have been glued together may be cool looking in some cases, but in my humble opinion, they are not a gemstone.

A true gemstone is an all natural specimen of a particular mineral.

There may be inclusions in a gemstone that are naturally formed that may actually add to the worth of the gem such as rutile in quartz or copper in feldspar of oregon sunstone. But those have been put there naturally and can add to the beauty of the stone. Emerald is another “mix” that makes the stone more valuable, but it is a natural mix, Beryl, Chromium and Vanadium with a bit of iron thrown in. The mix is done at the hand of mother nature.

Putting together two or more stones with glue may look nice but, to me, its like eating a nice juicy real hamburger…compared to one of those “veggie burgers” full of different chemicals, fake flavors and coloring… yuck!


Goshenite might make a good doublet cap, because it’s colorless and has a hardness of 7.5-8. However, beryllonite has a hardness of 5.5 to 6, which makes it vulnerable to scratching from dust and everyday wear. Doublet caps are usually intended to protect softer, more fragile gem materials, like opals, from scratches.

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I agree gem hunter. But what if the cap has phantoms and the assemble of it as a cap would make the phantoms pop more? Without some kind of backing these phantoms might be unseen. So why not take your scraps and utilize them. Say I have a thin piece of thin blue saph that can’t really be used for anything. Or even scrap ruby and sapphire. Take make a mosaic type backing and cap it with the right piece of one of them nice phantoms that you couldn’t see before and now you have a garden of phantoms that looked like Nothing till the background was placed. And I’d never glue my work unless it’s something small for my younger son. I’d figure out how not to if no one couldnt suggest how.

Well put.
They have their place. But I prefer real, through and through.