Does this "PAD" your "PARADCHA"?

Would you consider this padparadcha? Its pink and orange by definition, just some zoning of the colors. The body color is 95% soft pink, and there is a brushstroke of orange in the culet. The colors blend nicely face-up, and the coloration dances as you turn the stone, I think that it’s a nice effect. But can it be called padparadcha?

Sorry trying to add photos from phone.

Why not?

Thanks for sharing this nice gemstone. As to your question, yes you could call it padparadscha. Here’s GIA take on this color name:

Hope this helps!
Linda Fitzwater, GIA AJP
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Thank you all for your input. I was just reading some opinions online about disqualifying stones that have color zoning. But then they allow other stones that are just brown or peach, which is way worse imho.

It is a beautiful stone. Padparadscha belongs to sapphires (corundum) A padparadscha is very, very valuble color of sapphire. Maybe some people in the trade might say, “padparadscha color”. Is your stone a sapphire (corundum)?

It is a sapphire. Not sure of heat treatment.