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Does anyone know what is happening with Graves Company


Hello Everybody reading,

Since this is my first post I will wright little bit to introduce myself first. :slight_smile:

My name is Dominik and I am gem enthusiast from Croatia living in Germany. For now im just reading books forums etc. and collecting different stones. I wasn’t writing anything didn’t have anything smart to write :).

I hope this is not off topic into this category but other two are definitely not better :).

But lets get to my question or advice seeking :slight_smile:

Did I just wasted 2400 dollars?

I bought Graves mark 5XL and accesoriesand pay for it like more than month ago. Initially the sale was going well they answered send offer I payed. But after the payment all communication stopped from their side telephone,mail, pigeon everything. And Im little bit worried about almost 2400 dollars iv sent to them. Guy I was talking to and who made offer to me was Peter Erdo. So does anyone know does is this Peter Erdo really working there or I just wasted 2400 dollars to some scam. Thanks.


They finally answered. it will be shipped soon they say. will see. They definitly need to work on customer service.


So they haven’t shipped machine yet. I can’t believe this shit. Is it real that Graves company which everyone is talking about is frauding people or just this Peter Erdo is totally weird.

Im waiting for like 2.5-3 months and no mail reply, no answering on phone, nothing.

Does anyone here has any other contact with Graves where I can reach them. This is apsurde that company like graves burns customers for 2300 dollars. Please tell me im just imagining this.



I read your post and know that you are not alone. Several members on the US Faceters Guild forum have made the same complaint about the Graves Company and their dealings with the owner. People who have even acted as agents selling Graves have had problems; getting no response to their machine orders and for repair parts, even after contacting Graves repeatedly. This has been going on with them for a year or more now.

I am an Ultra Tec guy and over the past 30 years have never had (or even read about) one such experience. It is absolutely shameful to learn about other cutters getting messed with on their multi-thousand dollar purchases from Graves. This should be a dream experience for you and not a nightmarish one. My unsolicited advise is to cancel your order, spend a little more money, and buy from Facetron or Ulta Tec. Both of these Southern California small businesses produce world-class faceting equipment, have short lead times on orders and repairs, and have superb customer service.

I hope this helps in the healing -



Your right it is nightmare. I was saving money for this machine and was so happy when i finally saved it took more than year . And now if they dont send it and i dont get money back i really think i dont have energy and will to do it another time. So yea they fcked my dream about facetting in short :hushed: i am so depressed when i look at my rough that i dont even look at it any more and i spent hours before. Anyway.

Is there any way to get a lawyer or something to get money back. I dunno what to do nobody is answering and i dont have experience with when someone cheats me for money.


It seems many have had problems with Peter Erdo/Graves as far back as 2008

Here is a link to a thread of members complaining about the lack of communication on Gemology Online Forum

Maybe you can contact the members and ask them how they resolved their issues.

Best of luck


This is not as difficult as you may think (unless you mailed them a stack of $100 bills).

Just send them a registered paper letter to inform them you have canceled your order for their failure to ship you your equipment. Then call your credit card company (or your bank) that you used to pay them and dispute the charge. Provide them with the date you originally made payment to Graves and inform them that you were never shipped the equipment you paid for. It’s that simple.

If they do by some act of God ship you your equipment after notifying them of cancellation and filing your claim DO NOT except receipt the package or open it if it is delivered without proof of receipt. Simply refuse receipt and/or return the unopened package with your own tracking number.

Hang in their, you’ll get your money back soon.



I also have seen your poor service for years . I am definitely glad I didn’t buy another machine from them I went elsewhere good luck !:+1: I too would refuse their shipment . Good advice !
Hope it works out well for you .


I tried to set up a dealer account with Graves about a year ago. After several communications Peter told me he would get me set up. I never heard from him again and emails went unanswered. Now that I’m reading this thread, I’m glad not to be doing business with them.


Hi, sorry to hear your ordeal.

I agree with Opal.Tiki. Just call your credit card company and they will help you and stop charging interest on the charge and eventually refund it. Not sure about where you live, here in the U.S. you would be under no obligation to return any package that was sent to you after the date they received your certified letter to cancel the order. (get a receipt that the letter was delivered). Hope it all works out.


When you buy with a bank transfer or debit card it is not so easy.
Can you tell us your result?