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Does anyone know if this is agate or Jasper?

It kinda looks like opalized petrified wood. But can’t be sure.

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I can send you a better pic , sorry for long wait. Thank u for responding

That was my first thought as well, petrified wood with opalization or silica replacement. It certainly does not look like an agate at any rate. If it is harder than a 5.5 Mohs, then probably call it Jasper. The problem is that in photo form it is hard to relay all the data that an experienced mineralogy expert uses (sheen, fracture, weight etc) to evaluate.

Best to ask someone locally, for best results.

Yes I also thought opalised wood on first pic but second pic leads me to think it could be chalcedony

Thanks for the reply, there is a lot of many different colors involved in this specimen, from white, green, blue, dark blue, purple, a reddish aswell. Many tiny silver specs that glitter when light hits it. When I found it I packed it all day cutting logs intell I met log skidder at the end. It weighed 58.5 lbs before cutt in half. Thanks again. Your information and thought into it really helps with research. It’s little brother is more colorful and smaller, in my opinion more unique in color aspect. If you would like I can send a few photos, your way to hear your opinion. Agian thanks