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Do you buy anything else besides gemstones on auctions?

Hello, Everyone!

I wonder how often you use GemRock or other gemstones auctions to purchase something related to gems but not gems. I’m a seller on GemRock, and I don’t sell gemstones, the sales are not what I expected. So I’m interested if people at all look for any kind of supplies on auctions platforms. I can see that my products get views, but numbers don’t impress, and anyway there are no really good analytics tools, so I decided to ask.

I will really appreciate your comments.


I shall be completley honest and i think i speak for many.
At auctionhouses we are looking for bargains. If you look at the “No Reserve” auctions you will see alot of bidders. Good gemstones can go up pretty high in prices. As a seller you need to have the guts to make a “No Reserve” auction. “No reserves” auctions triggers the fight for the stone. You may loose, but you may also win. Make sure to have many good pictures of the stones and a picture of a reliable certificate. Write everything you know about the stone and be honest. In the ens, after all, it is of course a chessgame against the sharks :wink:.

Thanks for your response. All in all, it makes sense, but the thing is that I don’t sell stones. And that’s what the question is about. Do you go to auction platforms when you think of buying lapidary supplies for example? Or do you go to Amazon, or ebay or some other online store. Do you think of auctionhouses first thing when you want to purchase something different from stones but related to them (lapidary/cutting tools). Things like that.

Thanks )

I’m always looking for tools for my work. I cut and finish opals mostly by hand. I’m old fashioned that way. I’m always in need of diamond files, diamond polish and diamond cutting disks for my Fordham. I’m always looking for jewelers tools also. I do some of my own silver creations. Dealing with people that may or may not be there tomorrow on EBay or Amazon is no fun.
How may I find you?

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I use Gemrockauctions almost exclusively, and I have bought lapidary supplies. But like @Pierre said, I focus on No reserve auctions, finding a great deal is part of the thrill for me. I would definitely bid on supplies and tools if I saw them listed. I’m sure that’s how many buyers find out about you and what you offer, by seeing your lots in No reserve auctions on a regular basis. My best comparison as a buyer is this… No reserve auctions is how I originally found out about @Skyjems…I have gotten several pieces from him through no reserve auctions and each time the quality exceeded my expectations. I actually feel bad, cause I’m sure he took a loss on them. But he’s gained my trust and his store will be where I look first to buy as soon as my financial situation improves.( Co-Vid sucks!) Anyway, that’s my perspective for what it’s worth.

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Thanks for the mention Brandy! :slight_smile:

Regarding no reserve auctions: As Brandy said, people like me often use them to drive traffic and get new clients. The losses usually aren’t too bad, I don’t mind selling a gem for a loss, even if there is another $20-$50 of costs associated with it because as most of you know ‘the bill adds up quickly in this business’ :wink:

If I am out $50 on an ametrine, but I get a new client who buys as little as $500/year, it was a great investment.

I will also scour no reserve auctions for fun & profit. Often the ‘deals’ are on rare stones that aren’t terribly popular or expensive, but they are hard to come by.


Hello, Brandy,

Thank you so much for your response! I think I need to try no reserve auctions.
Hope your financial situation will improve ASAP. COVID is not a gem for sure.

Hello, David,

Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ll try no reserve auctions. Hope it will work :slight_smile:

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I was tickled to find your store and exactly what I needed right off the bat. Normally I would have to hunt through Amazon or eBay to find the polishing paste and wait forever for it to come from China. I’m excited to know that my paste will be here in a few days and I will be finishing up some opals and I may be cutting some other types of stones just for fun and to keep my hands busy.
Thanks again,

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