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Do i need equipment?

Hi Every one, i am wanting to do a course on how to use equipment with the I.G.S. i saw it in short courses, and as a newby thought this would be a perfect entry into learning how to use instruments, has any one in the forum done this course, and if so could you advise me what to buy if any thing or can you do the on line course with out purchasing equipment? any way you gem hunters and rock hounds have a good one,

Hello Rosemary,
You don’t need the instruments to take the Gemology Tools mini course. It’s intended to show you how various tools work and how to conduct tests. The exam has questions about the tools and procedures, but you’re not required to use the instruments themselves. Consider it an introduction to these tools so you have some idea of how they work before and if you purchase them.

IGS Admin

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Thank you pedro

Obviously Pedro is right about this first IGS course…it would be easier to advise you about instruments, etc. , if we knew your eventual goal…perhaps you are just starting out and merely want an introduction. If you are planning on some kind of hobby or career in rocks, gems and minerals, then if you stated that you would get better info. Sometimes it isn’t possible to have a clear goal until you get your feet wet and learn a little. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply, i am a total newby and 64 yrs old so things like a new hobby become exciting and i love to learn new things, i intend to start at the bottom and work my way up to qualified gemologist, i have no idea about gems inclusions, and the exciting world of gems, i would love to start a collection so when i am no longer here on planet earth my granddaughters will have something special to inherit, and hopefully inspire them along the way and show them granny is not a total fool and does know the difference between glass and a gem, lol. (something i do not know at the moment.) i hope to get help in what to buy and from who, ,hubby has brought me a presidium gem tester, but i am looking to learn the art of everything from what it is to assessing cut clarity and ct, once again big thank you for the reply stay safe warmest wises from cold Scotland Rosemary

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