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Diospore that is not a color change

A broker I sometimes use offered this rose colored diaspore for sale… I have never seen one that wasn’t green and changed color. This one is rose color, beautiful stone, and has a minor color shift to an orangy red when viewed with incandescent lighting. Have any of you even seen these before? Had a GG certify that it is natural diaspore and unheated/untreated… ! Amazing gemstone.


What is the source?


I have a cut stone from czech sovica which is clear and is not colour change but is natural Diaspore.

I actually had the stone certified - it is an unheated natural diaspore, purplish rose red - does not change color. No green. It is over 7 carats and emerald cut… gorgeous stone.

Yes, there is rose (pink) diospore, even colorless diospore. Sounds like a really special gem you have there. Congratulations.

It’s just a non-saturated stone… I’ve actually seen those. But the pinkish purple really stunned me… :slight_smile:

Thanks… I know it’s rarer than the color change, but it’s hard to rationalize that it is most costly than the color change… That’s a first for me! :slight_smile: