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Digital Electronic Electric DIamond Gemstone Detector Test Testing Tester kit


hello im very new to this hobby and forums could a “Digital Electronic Electric DIamond Gemstone Detector Test Testing Tester kit” for below 10 dollars work good? what tools would i need to check if my gemstones are treated / synthetic in anyway? im a normal person and dont got loads of money thanks =)


I use Diamond Selector II costing about $ 15, I am more than satisfied with it, and you can purchase a moissanite tests as well so you can feel pretty sure when it comes to diamonds anyway, but now I specialliserat me of sapphires, and then it’s two tools, which are most importantly microscop and indeed Diamond Selector II but it can not distinguish between lab or natural sapphires, hope you have a little help from my answer, and before buying diamonds consider what happens when the vault is opened o the thousands of tons placed on the market;)


thanks for your anser =) i almost forgot i made this post lol… i have another question i just bought this… and it seems im in luck since you specialize in sapphires! this is a couple of 44 carat trapiche sapphires i bought, however… to my sadness i see now when they arive that they are abit attacked by rust! (dreadful yes i know >_>) what should i do? i want them to remain untreated. but i fear the rust might riddle them on a microscopic level do you know anyway to remove the rust without “treating” them in some way (i know nothing about such im very new to all of this and this is just a guess) help me please! what should i do? how should i proceed? is there another way than useing those super toxic acids? is there a way to know if its riddled? will the rust wear it down? should i leave it`??? im clueless i paid 200 euro for thise (which is a very large pice of money for me) many thanks


Hello, Trapiche and so big and there seems to be a sensible price , are you doing jewelery too, or is it to collect all the gems or special varieties of them more rarer varieties, Trapiche’s not the most common, and my favorites now almost the only thing I buy is the star sapphire, opal, color changing gems.
What is # 1 on the wish list is a green star sapphire and star opal with greenish / star , but it is not easy to find at reasonable prices since it is only completely untreated natural stones, which may be of interest in that case … How has it come rust on th trapiche, although it is iron in sapphires but not so they rust;) haha, do you know of oxalic acid, try to get a little one, but dilute it by about 1/20 and let the sapphire soak, well, it may take several days, depending on the voice how much rost…en regular toothbrush can also help to o with a little toothpaste on, it is usually a mild abrasive in toothpaste , and you know the sapphire is probably the gemstone that can withstand the most and it applies to both management and eg the cleanings acids mm. but it is rough stones, then of course the matrix to be influenced, but makes it a habit to use twice as mkt. water than recommended better to let it take longer ok , good luck :slight_smile:
Sincerely. mr.NoPain4u
Ps.are u sure that they not are treated … specially sapphire trapiche is extra,extra rare to find whit sutsch nice color as yours


im not 100% sure but the owner claim them not to be and i bought it from ebay… yes i know ebay … but you can make nice deals there =) and… his got very good reviews and hs been active for many years now ofc this is no garatuee i plan on faceting it myself but do you know how i can check if its treated in anyway? and i googled and saw on the net that there are lots of iron remains on corundum specimens for some reason, there is almost no info about how to check a trapiche and a sapphire at that! for treatments on the net


this should be his store (google chrome browser)


Sorry for the time,I use a microscop :slight_smile: