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Diamonds, rough emerald, sapphires, rare ruby, tanzanite


My company have a mine in Mumbai, we have more than 1000 GIA certificates diamonds in our stock if some one wants to see stock list pic and video. I can send the list of stock,

My number is+90 (530) 312 02 00


Do you have an email we can communicate through? Im a diamond dealer from Minnesota, US and I’m looking to get in to the wholesale gem trade as well, (almost a GG). I have been in the Diamond industry for a few years now and wouldn’t mind seeing those price lists, plus possible gemstone price.

Thanks, Nate


My email address is


Hi im in mumbai next week on my way to Japuir, please send me price and stock list email address is


Have a nice day, some of diamonds will be on exhibition in Honkong, if you have a possibility you can check all diamonds there. My number is +90 (530) 312 02 00 contact with me on WhatsApp.


Hi, my name’s Chambal from Mozambique and you can e-mail me as well: or contact me by WhatsApp +285 845198844