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Diamond weight estimate when mounted, How To?

I am wondering how one goes about estimating the carat weight of a diamond when it is mounted in a way that does not allow one to measure the depth.
I do know the basic formula for diamond weight estimates but if I cannot measure the depth due to limitations how do I estimate the carat size?

Thanks in advance

If you can’t measure its only guessing left.
Check this calculator :

Guessing doesn’t seem at all ethical or professional when appraising, there must be a better answer than guessing.

Ethical? I think you have to understand if you can’t see the depth you have to take it out. Go to a professional that can manage that. That person will be able to put it back again. Or else it’s just estimate of depth. Better if there is a photo so we can see what you are talking about. It was you who did say estimate not to find out specific.