Diamond ring

Hi if someone could help me. Just curious about my diamond ring. I’m wanting to know if it’s a champagne diamond I brought it knowing to be a brown diamond with second hues of red. Thank you

Hi, the yellow toned diamonds are often referred to as “champagne” colour, whereas the brown toned ones (like yours) are referred to as “cognac” colour. Both colours were found by the Argle mines here in Australia and very successfully marketed in the early 2000s.

Thank you. Do you know how much a carat is worth? Mine come from Portugal in this 800 carat ring. I’m presuming that means 19ct. Thank you

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The lighting on your picture is not great, but I would call this a “fancy orange brown” diamond." It has enough color to be a colored diamond, but it has an orange rather than a yellow hue. Yellow or yellowish would be called champagne, and “fancy orange brown” or cognac would be better descriptors for yours. Generally brown diamonds are about half the value or equivalent colorless diamonds…that means same weight and clarity and cut. You can measure your diamonds diameter and look up an approx. carat weight on line. If you use a weight estimator, figure about 2/3rds the width for the depth figure.

Thank you

How would I price out a 1.70 ct. Intense Yellow FLAWLESS diamond ring (GIA CERTIFICATION)
Set in 18 WG with a halo of nice diamonds WHEN
READY to sell?