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Diamond Replicas


Have recently purchased very old collection which included diamond replicas.

Unfortunately the Regent has a bad chip.

Hoping to get gemcad file to cut a new one.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks Jim.


I haven’t seen the stone…it might be possible to repair it with a slight change of angles, possibly making it slightly less authentic. That would be something to consult Wayne Emery or Anthony Lloyd-Rees (the Gem Doctor) about. But I assume you feel it can’t be fixed. If you go to and plug in Regent for “name” it will bring up various Regent type designs. The ones designated “open” (green label) can be downloaded and opened in Gemcad. I don’t know which of these would be the most authentic, but you could look at the Louvre site for pictures of the stone and try to decide. You might also make an inquiry at the USFG faceters list for the design or even just search their archive for a discussion of famous diamond cuts or the Regent specifically. I believe it’s the Texas Faceter’s Guild which has a set of replicas and some of the old timers there probably know where the designs came from. I assume these were published in some faceting publication in years past, but most of these designs were collected at the facetdiagrams website referenced above. Another person you could contact is Robert Strickland, who designed some Regent variations at the facetdiagrams website. He is, of course, the creator of Gemcad and could be emailed at his website. Hope this helps!


Thanks royjohn,
Have found pattern as you suggested. the stone is in a replica set from circa 1860 cut in Idar-Oberstein.
Corner is badly chipped so will cut a new one for display purposes and keep original.