Diamond prices

Hi. I would like to know how do I check diamond prices the setting sizes till 15cents. The whole sale market rate. Is there a way to see the international prices for all qualities? Thanks

There is price chart which is a few googles away, but it won’t help much (I assume) because wholesalers usually force you to buy in bulk. You should go to a gem fair to find contacts, the more contacts you have the better

Thanks thats a good idea

You can subscribe to a pricing service if you do a lot of trading in diamond, but if you are looking for only a few, just look around for the best prices you can find.

I have a site for you but french all are on i use sometimes contact me translation is added
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Hi. What is the site?

Hello sorry for the late reply i’ve an app on my smartphone i cam vive sou ans u add on the mobil phone is free just send me a private message i don’t know if someone else need them? Don’t hesisitate to contact me i tale some pictures about with the name iand i share with aller
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google the Rapaport Report