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Demantoid price per ct from Namibia or Russia 4+ carats



I have a private collection of demantoid garnet.

I would like to know the retail price per carats or large rare demantoid with a very good round brilliant cut.

4+ carats price per carat.

Is the Russian more expensive ?

I can see that is goes to 15000$ per carats on the priceguide here but it’s not clear if it is for Namibian or Russian.

I clearly see that Russian is selling for more money

Thank you
Have a nice day


A well known price guide gives $3k to $5K per carat for demantoid in the 2-3 carat range in an 8 to10 out of ten grade. Larger sizes than this would be rare and “negotiable.” HTH, royjohn


The prices I quoted would be jeweler wholesale…