Dark Gray Diamond Price


Can anyone name a fair price for EGL certified 1.13 ct I1 Good Polish/Symmetry Dark Gray Round Diamond? By “fair” I mean not Tiffany but still not eBay price. No list including IGS has prices for Gray diamonds.

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Tough one Haven’t ever had any customer requests for a grey. And with an EGL of I1. Most likely less clarity when compared to GIA. And the size isn’t something special. I would suggest you make a piece of jewelry with it and enjoy it. You will get maybe hundreds of dollars for it. Not worth anything close to a white. A brown like that, which may be more in demand would sell for maybe $700. So grey I think you would be lucky at $300

Thank you. Actually what I learned is that Gray is rarer than Yellow although cost less and many times more valuable than Brown/Champagne. Dark is second best after Deep color and 95% of Gray diamonds are SI2 or I1. My supplier who is a gemologist and one of the largest gem dealers in North America suggested $3,000 (total, not per ct) but added he never dealt with Gray diamonds so it was rather a wild guess. But of course you are right: the main problem is that customers have no idea what the beast it is. What I need is some price list and/or a “case law” - sold comparable stone for $X price. I would greatly appreciate if you or someone will tell me where I find these. Thank you.

I have done limited research regarding $/ct for a fancy dark gray, I1 diamond as you described it. Without discount it should run between $3,200.00 and up.

Luis G

Thank you Luis. I contacted one my client from UK who is a knowledgeable top collector. First he said such stones cost £500,000.00+ (!!!) if VVS and have some blue tint; then after looking at certificate and picture wrote: You are right this stone is around £5,000.00 price range after seeing the picture and certification. The problem is: I need something written somewhere I can show; otherwise clients may think these figures are my grandmother’ evaluation.

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I just don’t think GRAY diamonds are in any sort of demand and therefore that lowers price.Look at prices on Black diamonds and try to come up with a slightly higher figure.

I think these dark greys have become more popular I come across a lot in instagram (called Salt and pepper diamonds) diamonds Which was once discarded as industrial diamonds die to the many incisions, but now used regularly in jewellery in unusual shapes. There is a dealer on Instagram called jogigems_export I always get a fair idea of price from him

A clear grey in colour (not salt and pepper) but clear VVS- VS is very rare and command a high price, more than brown.

Have you checked Idex for pricing as they also provide fancy prices