Cz polishing

 I'm polishing a cz on batt with 100,000 diamond.  Getting very fine scratches visible with naked eye. 
 Searching for best recipe to polish czs. Thanx.

You can find the results of a polishing CZ survey Gem Society conducted some years ago here. There are numerous recommendations and notes from members. Hope this helps.

100k Diamond should not provide scratches in a CZ. The can be polished with 8K, leaving no scratches. I had a similar problem- it turned out that my polishing equipment was contaminated with chips from the grinding process. I was using a soft rag to wipe the stone, and forgot to change it between cutting and polishing. Wash and wipe the equipment before polishing

I polish CZ with lead-tin lap and Diamond powder, an oil lubricant with low speed and it works well. Always befor polishing clean your machine.It could be contminated.

contaminated is the right word

 I switched to my dark side lap.  Very light wd40, slow speed, and light pressure.  Worked very well, slow though.  
 Then i got a diamatrix lap.  Light wd40, slow speed ( 1.5 on my facetron ) and light pressure.  Very fast polish on synthetic conundrum.