Cut Tsavorite Gems For Sale

Beautifully Faceted Tsavorite Garnets for sale :

1 . 1.48ct Oval cut Tsavorite Garnet for sale $3692.00 price negotiable, courier at own cost.

contact :


Did you sell this. I was wondering if you have buyers for Tsavorite. . I have a pair i need to sell. mm mm
2.07 CT’s total in both
: 1.03 crt
1.04 crt

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Hi there ElijahR37015. I am unfortunately still trying to sell mine and no luck as yet but I will do what I can for you if I get any buyers for mine or any one looking.

Great! I can profit share with you. No.problem,i need buyers. I am flooded with new material. Right now … Sri Lanka Sapphires, Loupe clean , natural and heated. , .20ct - 3 ct mostly. I have a solid relationship with 2 families in Sri Lanka who both operate , manage , run and extract material . Different locations. Both have their own lapidary shops. All around. They have been nothing but the best to me. I simply just cannot find enough buyers for our goods. These are beautiful gems. I get them priced very well to me. I have been contacted by a 3rd mine operations around Ratnapura . They were sent to me by referel.
I need buyers for Madagascar Sapphires , , SriLanka Sapphires. Natural or heated. . . Also. Sri lanka Spinel . , color changing sapphires, chrysoberyl, rubies , and many .others .i have direct communication and friendships with all of the owners that have committed themselves to Elijah Quin and the new sector of Elijah Quin … DiamondGemsTv. This is where 79 hrs a week gets placed by myself . So. If you can help i do not just take a buy . help gets paid. These 2 families have been selling to mistly bu Buyers at market I reached out to him and showed down what I’ve done for other businesses and other company’s and I gave you the outline of what their business would look like in about 4 years of working withyes they are home They are committed. I am pounding the pavement. I need to sell this material. I i feel the pricing good. They have made agreements. More i sell for them. The more they give , pricing continues to be discounted more to a few very select. .

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pleas call me on +27712817588

Hey im sorry. Did you swnd me a message to call you. I didnt get a notification.

I can still call. Im also on whatsapp.

I an ficing to post alexandrite , only 1 pear shape left and i have all new onvventory

I have all new inventory also.

hi there dear friend pleas feel free to contact me today if you have the Chants on 0628364146