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Curved Striae Pictures in a Supposedly Natural Sapphire

So this sapphire came to me with the hopes of being a 6.6 Ct Natural Sapphire. Initially when looked at under 90X the pictures looked like it might be a natural sapphire. However after placing the sapphire in an Emersion Cell with Refractol and placed again at 90x I saw curved Striae. Check out the before and after pictures.! I’m interested in any and all feed back!


If it is synthetic, then its a very low quality one. Most synthetics I have seen have significantly less zoning. Now its possible, that this particular specimen was towards the end of the growth process. If this is the case, the amounts of titanium and iron may have become inconsistent.

Curve striae is always synthetic not confuse with color zoning or polish striae. This spiciement looks not natural.