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Crabtree Emeralds

Does anyone know anything about the worth of rough from the Crabtree mines in North Carolina?

The Crabtree deposit is about played out and abandoned, AFAIK. I think I have a small piece of very nice color around here somewhere. You’d probably have some trouble proving provenance (some people would probably be interested solely because of where it came from), so I would value a Crabtree stone just like any other emerald…depending on size, transparency/translucence,
color, etc. A 1 ct stone would value anywhere between $30 and $5000, depending on the above.

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Thank you.

Interesting! I have some very impressive stones from there that I have researched, extracted from the rough by following procedures I found here and on other reliable sources. I have an emerald cluster that I’ve been very careful with that I am totally smitten with. Thanks for the info!