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Course colored stones

good morning, i took my gemology course at spanish gemological institute. I want to take the course to price the colored stones; as a member of IGS, do I have access to this free course?

to my understanding you must pay for the colored stone course separately, same goes for diamond course, all other courses are mini courses and are free with full membership.

thanks mathew, i understand. what i really need is a course in which i approve to qualify and price emeralds and other colored gems

Hi Dalvamoura,

Just to clarify, as a Professional Member of IGS, you already have access to all the articles on the website, and you take the Mini-Courses for free. This would include the Mini-Course on Emeralds as well Rubies, Sapphires, and Opals, for example. However, the Professional Gemologist Certification Course and Diamond Specialist Certification Course would require additional fees for Professional Members. Let me know if you have any more questions.

IGS Admin

thanks!! do you offer a specific course to price and qualify emeralds? because I already took the gemology course at IGE in Madrid but I didn’t have any information about prices. I am entering the market now, with great difficulty in this area. or is this only possible with practice?

The Emerald Mini-course has information on Grading and Appraising. The Emerald Buying Guide also contains information on emerald grading. If you use this information in combination with the IGS Gem Price Guide for emeralds (US retail prices for cut gems), you can adopt some pricing guidelines. Of course, practice and experience and some market research will be invaluable.

thank you so much for your help and attention!!

I am confused as how to access the free courses. Can someone ecplain it to me?

Thank you

Hi Coolbabe,

As a Gem Enthusiast Member, you have access to all the Free and Premium articles on IGS. However, to enroll in the Mini-Courses, you’ll need to pay extra for those.

If you upgrade to a Professional Membership, you can enroll in the Mini-Courses for free and you can also enroll in the Gemologist and Diamond Specialist Certification Courses for an extra amount.

The Membership page has more information on this.

You can see a complete listing of the Mini-Courses and Certification Courses here.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

IGS Admin