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Could someone identify this item

Wow, that’s pretty odd looking! Maybe a big hunk of black tourmaline with some pyrite? It would have to have been rolling around in a river or something for a while to round off the edges like that.

Is it magnetic at all?

Good question. It looks sort of molten. Maybe a big hunk of slag from a steel mill?

Have you done any tests on it or see any color in it? It could be a vug of obsidian.

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Looks like black jade to me , tough to tell from this distance but it sure looks like it

I recently found something similar. I broke it out of host rock and have had no luck identifying. I was thinking a tectite or something.

It has similar properties to moldavite.
Opaque dark black w almost purple hint
Becomes completely transparent with a light behind it and has an almost green gold hue.
Just a hair softer than corrundum (ruby barely scratches it but isn’t scratched)
with a specific gravity around 2.4 to 2.6
Im stumped still.

It is extremely dense, it doesn’t cut well with a high powered diamond bit but I can cut thru it

Have you tried testing with a magnet? the material looks like it could be a very large specimen of hematite.

I have tested it with a basic fridge magnet, but it doesn’t take to the magnet at all. I can’t say for sure but it doesn’t seem to be so far.