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Could someone help me identify my matching little gems

It just isn’t possible to ID stones from a photo. Judging from the lack of translucence and good color, the first three (from left) are probably not worth much. The fourth stone could be a natural ruby, but that is just a could be, as you would have to have it tested to be sure. -royjohn

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you could do a simple gravity test. you just need a digital scale that weighs to the 100th of a gram. and a cup of water and a thin wire. a paperclip can also be used. if you need complete instructions just google “how to test for specific gravity of gemstones” its very simple. and along with mohs, can help to identify most gemstones. if the red one has a gravity from 3.97 to 4.05 then its most likely a natural ruby. 4.0.

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Thank you for all the help. It’s very appreciated. I will try the gravity test.