Could I get a little help grading and valuing an Emerald?

(weight .21ct)
(size 4mm)
The first picture is where I got the Emerald from. According to their website, it is Brazilian Emerald.
The 2nd should be the weight, and the third is the girdle measurement.
The Instagram link is to my page where I posted a short video of the finished stone.

If its possible, I would like to know how to grade it, and what it could possibly be worth.
I am new, so forgive me if this is not useful.

Also, is my girdle too thick still?

Sweet little stone! No your girdle fits perfect. The color and cut are nice. If you end up getting more like that out of that bag, i say, you did an awesome job! Keep us all posted. We all love a great deal on raw and newly cut stones. BTW, is there any treatment on that stone, with any oils, heat or anything else? Some if us are true snobs and just do not like treatments of any kind. That does make a difference in the price of a stone. I don’t care what some people say…I will pay more for an emerald that is completely free of oil.
All the best with the rest of the bag.

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There is no treatment to it at all. The only oil would be the snake oil (lubricant) I used on the lap to polish it, if that makes a difference.
This is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the bag. I thought it was junk, but decided to put it under a light, and well, you can see what I saw.

I have no idea how to value it, or grade it, which is what I was hoping to get help with here.

Did I mention that I cut the stone?

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