Cost of custom gem cutting for Excellent Cut?

I’m continuing my general research on the Ruby industry. This is to understand the components that make up a ruby price.

Taking an example of an “Eye Clean” 4 ct Ruby with good colour valued at retail USD $100,000, what would be the typical cost of professional cutting to achieve an “Excellent” cut.

What % of the retail value would the cutting be by an IGS or GIA-certified cutter??? and As far as i know IGS and GIA do not certify faceting. The guy at faceting academy is a custom cutter and will most often answer your questions . There is some good free to read and view stuff there too I payed to join and it has been worth it I like the guy so I payed , The faceters guild will answer question too. Look in to there competition stuff. Not all faceters are into competition but if you do see a grand master cutter who dose custom work you can be fairly sure he is good.

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