Contact for Charles McCoy regarding Faceting Design?

Hello fellow gem cutters. I would like to contact Charles McCoy about a faceting design called the Ribbon. My copy is dated 2009. Does anyone know his contact information?
Any help would be appreciated.


Search Type in The Ribbon in search. When it comes up, you have the design. If you use GemCad, you can save it, open it up in Gemcad, print it out. If you don’t have GemCad, just print it off the screen that comes up after searching.

I know Chuck McCoy fairly well, he is in Texas…you may google him and find him if you need to query him. I don’t feel comfortable giving out his email here, but if you post your query here, I can copy it and send it to him with your email address…if you don’t find it anywhere publicly available. -royjohn