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Concave/Fantasy Cutting Information

Hi, I’ve recently wanted to expand what types of cuts I am able to do since I’ve been faceting using solely the traditional method for 3 years now. I have recently become interested in creating fantasy and concave style cuts but all information and tools about the method is difficult to find. If anyone knows the title and author of any handbooks or sources which can fully teach these methods it would be much appreciated. Also, I have already read through the limited material IGS provides on the subject.

You might want to contact Dalan Hargrave, who was writing a book on concave cuts at one point. I don’t think the book was ever finished, but Dalan might be able to give you some pointers. I would also contact UltraTec, because some of their reps are well known concave/fantasy cutters and could probably give you some tips. You can also look at concave cuts pictured on line and infer what they are doing. Basically it seems that most concave cutters will cut flat facets on the pavilion and then turn some of those into concave facets or cut grooves in them. You are only limited by your own creativity. One friend I know got rid of his concave machine because he felt the increase in price over flat faceted stones did not justify the time spent. So if you are doing this commercially, it might be well to develop some cuts that are easily done. One cutter who demonstrates every year at Franklin, NC uses a weight on his quill and lets the machine run…done this way, I guess the time involved would be a lot less. If you look at what Nolan Sponsler is doing with carving and fantasy, you will see that it devolves into High Art. Have fun! -royjohn

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