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Columbian emerald pendent


Am posting pictures of my emerald pendent, recently finished & frame stressed to improve non-flexing. The emeralds are good quality, not top, but all are close in color & as a whole a pleasing pendent, the gold work is 18kt yellow, 1/2 oz., total weight in stones over 50cts, a fun project-steve…


Hi Steve, nice piece prompts me to ask the question what would be the retail price on this piece you may not want to divulge??/


Not a problem, because the stones are pretty well matched & arranged as they are & the quality of the stones by todays offerings, the appraisal for ins replacement retail is in the $200,000.00 neighborhood. This is including the gold work, this appraisal was last done about 1.5yrs ago & prices have gone up for emerald & ruby dramatically. At todays costs I couldnt afford to replace this item-the stones were bought over the years & costs have gone up. Some of the offers I get are for the stones which will be sold as singles or parcels, the gold would be scraped for content. As a whole, the piece has ‘story’ & will be kept as is, while I have it-steve…


This is an update to the pendent, just received the pendent from my jeweler today after the 2nd stone from the top was replaced with a more correct stone for the overall color matching of all the stones, the upper portion of the frame was rebuilt to strengthen the prongs holding the top stone, with matching wires connecting the baskets. For a handmade pendent, it seems to work. Total weight is now 50.88cts & the frame is pretty stable-steve…