Color of sapphire

hello everybody,
I am attaching a natural IGI certified yellow sapphire 5.02 carat.Its orange yellow, but IGI writes Yellow.I asked them to recheck , but they call it yellow.from pics can you say its orange yellow or yellow.I am attaching pics of stone and certificate

can anyone explain.
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I agree with your observation. This color grade is either orange or yellowish orange.

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Thomas Harter

thank you sir
Thank you very much.

do you think grading orange yellow or orange sapphire yellow will decrease its price.
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Thomas - where did you get that color chart from? I’d like to check it out if possible.

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Yes, mr. Harter. I also am very interested. Is it possible to procure it?

I also agree with your observation. Although a lot of factors affect the perceived color in a photo (lighting, camera settings, photo processing) I used the pics you provided as a starting point. One software I use is Gem eWizard. According that software and going off of the pics provided that software came back with 0Y (7) 3/6 Light, Vidid, Orangey Yellow.
I cross-referenced the pics to another software I use called Gemval. That software came back with 040 Light/Medium Strong Orangey Yellow (heated).
I hope this helps.

Hello everyone,
The photographs were taken in natural daylight in morning hours, by nikon 5300 using macrolens .The sapphire is no heat.can I have estimate of price for this sapphire.
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when that color is observed in quartz it is called citrine even when the color tends to the darker orange. where does the color peak when seen trough a spectroscope? more to the red or more to the yellow.

It’s certainly not yellow. Don’t you love when something like this transpires It makes you question something you shouldn’t be questioning.

![image|666x500would have to say this is yellow



Go to the App Store and search gemesquare. This is their free color application, but it doesn’t include world pricing. There is also a paid subscription service:

This is the module:

All the same stone too give an indication of colour change

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Looks like an orange sapphire with a distinct brown secondary hue. Thus brownish orange. Trouble with the gem-e-wizard doohickies, it is difficult to distinguish between brown which is a dark desaturated orange from orange. Gotta be careful, it works ok once you understand its limitation. Of course, this call is made without knowing the type of lighting and color temperature.


Is part of the problem here that we might be looking at the saturated, light returning area around the crown, whereas the windowed area is a different color and is 50% or more of the face up area? Perhaps this influences the way they grade. If ever there was a stone that is an argument for recutting, this is it. I’m grading this as 7.5YR, tone 7, saturation 10 in my World of Color book, which translates to moderate to strong orange yellow, BUT I am using just the saturated part of the stone on the outside of the crown. I think this could easily be a 7 out of 10 grade orange sapphire, when recut. Maybe jeweler’s wholesale of $1100/ct, but I can’t claim to be a great color grader…my verdict is, definitely needs a recut. I can’t see the back of this stone, but, by the dimensions, (depth 56% of width) it might need to be a little smaller to return light correctly, but it would still be a 4+ carat stone and vastly improved in grading. Even if European cutter recut this, it would still only cost $300 or so to do it and that would be well repaid with the better grade.

I agree with Roy the saturation is not even like well aged Single Malt Scotch it is more like Scotch on the rocks.Recut or sell for marginal mark up and move on .

Dear All
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and advise to sell it off with small margin or recut it.
The sapphire was photographed in natural light, of course in a room , not strong light , i tried to let light pass through it so that the inclusions can be seen,in reality the colour seems uniform as per my knowledge , which can be seen in the photograph of gem on IGI certificate.Anyhow thank you once again to all.

Hey @Raghu

I have the opposite color issue. If I take this sapphire outside it looks almost clear yellow. The appraiser said the predominant color is Orange and is 1.8ct. I had it appraised in 2004 ($1908 usd) and it appraised then about the same as the price charts say now. It’s not big and expensive but I like it in my collection. In the pictures I see the orange, but in my hand I don’t see anything but yellow. (maybe my eyesight?)