Color Charts?

Does anybody know where I can find a color chart for gemstones? My problem for example is where do you draw the line between light purple and pink, or red and pink. What’s the difference in blue-green and green-blue? I’m hoping to find something that will help take the guesswork out. Thanks, Duane

blue-green and green-blue both have green and blue colors and the difference between them is that blue-green has more blue than green and green-blue has more green than blue…

and to draw a line between red and pink is very difficult, at least for me. In many parts of the world many sellers try to sell pink sapphires as rubies, just to get a better price. For the seller the stone is red and for the buyer the stone is always too pink/light “red” colored…

That’s exactly my point. What I may see as blue-green somebody else may see as green-blue or my pink may be somebody else’s red. Are there any color charts out there so that everybody is playing by the same rules?

Hi Duane, Gemval have a colour chart on there site, but to have access you would probably have to subscribe to their site.
by the way they don’t have pink stones on their colour charts they are purplish red or reddish purple

hope this helps

Thank you! That should work very well. Thanks again.