Collection of gemstones for sale, am relocating and would restart my gemstone business after the move . Emeralds. Aquamarines. Tsavorite. Tourmaline. Citrines. Hilderite. Goshenite. Garnet . Ruby and spinel

Make an offer as it is negotiable on the whole lot . contact through IGS

I have my first appointment at Labratory for gem submission tomorrow morning. On pins and needles. I might consider your offer after results are in on my submission of gems. If I find a buyer for my 71.69 Ct dark Blue gem not certain type. Why I need to take courses at GIA. I own 2,700 gems bought in the past 90 days. Yea I have a hoarding issue with gems.
Love them. I love Alexandrite. I love sapphires, Ruby, Emerald, Opals, Padparadschas, Orange, Pink, Salmon, been buying for 30+ years. Never needed certification. I never sold before. I need to understand terms applied. Retired US Navy; retired from 2 other federal agencies. I prefer having very small sized gems for fine jewelry design such as insects, lizards. Very happy so far in availability. I am certain your stock will impress. I look forward to seeing items. Give me about 3 weeks to sell the 10 best items I have. Not working with anyone yet. I just started in April. I have no expectations of a job. So I might as well work for myself.

Good day Mr. Michael . Will discuss the pricing and will include shipping to the price . As I have a registered company . The sale when you are ready can go smoothly . You can mail me at for any further enquiries . Looking forward to speak to you .
Kind regards
Cronje Fourie