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Cleaning equipment

My refractometer is showing a blurry reading. The polariscope is also very dusty. I would like to know the best way to clean the equipment. I’m afraid to scratch your lenses. Can I use cotton fabric or just cotton? dry or wet? if anyone can help me I will be very grateful (sorry for the mistakes)

This article has some information on cleaning/re-polishing a refractometer hemicylinder.

This article has some information on fuzzy refractometer readings and what might cause them:

I hope these help.

IGS Admin

helped a lot, thank you so much!!!

Acetone works great on the refractometer . Use a cotton face pad or similar to clean. If it’s really bad you can replace or have the refractometer polished. - Mike Acquire Collectibles Pro Certified Gemologist /IGS

In the past I used to repair and restore expensive and complex Nikon cameras and lenses. The lenses had delicate optical coatings on them, which could be easily scratched or damaged if you didn’t know what you were doing. The absolute best thing to clean optics with is anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol (99.9% ultra-pure and evaporates with no residue - made by Puretronics) used with micro-fibre cloths (you can find the micro-fibre cloths at 99 cents stores). The micro-fibre cloths will NOT scratch the surfaces and will remove all smudges and lint etc etc. I have also overhauled some of the best microscopes with this superlative combination obtaining repeatable optical perfection. The stock number on the Puretronics Alcohol is 3125 and the UPC bar code number is: 49104-03125. It is best to put the alcohol in a small spray bottle so that you can lightly mist or wash the optic, then wipe with the micro-fibre cloth. Hopefully you will use this method and report back here with your results! ;))