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Clarity Enhanced Spessartite Garnet

A customer of mine bought a bunch of Spessartite garnet on eBay, thinking he won the lottery, he brought them to my office today to show me how great the prices are that he gets!

2ct+ Bright Fanta Orange Spessartite, $15-$30ct!!! WOW! AMAZING!

Except… they are all full of a foreign substance, and, to be honest, not a very good substance was chosen, it almost looks like elmers glue!

Be careful out there, just when you think you have seen it all, someone comes up with a new way to be stupid.

yes they are also selling Mozambique rubies as natural, but are flame fusion synthetic

It really kills me because eBay has ZERO interest in cleaning things up.

I have sold on eBay since 1999, I could sell people $5k emeralds with no certificate, they got a great deal and I got to make okay money.

Now, nobody will buy a stone for more than $500 on eBay without a GIA/IGI!