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Chrome Tourmaline with Corundum (ruby) and fuchsite

From a recent discovery in Western Australia
Analysed by University of Western Australia as Chrome Dravite (with aluminium), Corundum and Fuchsite. Grains of titanium oxide (rutile) also present.
Corundum varies in colour from grey/lilac to pinks and purples.
The Fuchsite has been partly altered/weathered to shades of yellow/orange and has partly replaced some corundum. Occasional vugs contain chrome dravite and tiny ruby crystals.
Analytical report can be shared upon request.
Corundum fluoresces strongly under UV light.
Price for rough stone $0.25 / gram
Sliced $0.50 / gram (limited quantity available).

Sold exclusively by Desert Dingo Minerals.
For more details please contact Monte;

Wow! That is some really nice stuff. Australia is fortunate.

Thank you!

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