Chinese Facetron

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Chinese version of the Facetron, called the Zhuode FT-X1? I am in desperate need of an upgrade, but a Facetron or Ultratec are going to out of my price range for a while (unless someone has an extra they wanna sell for a song lol) I am not sure of this company or if anyone has had any experience with it, or even how much they’re retaining for (Im a bit nervous emailing them to inquire about price) Any info is appreciated! or if someone has a suggestion for an alternate machine Id like to hear it.
Thank you,

If it’s anything like the other faceting machines that come out of China which are absolute garbage, I’d be very cautious about spending hard earned cash on this. That said, the machine does look interesting, but as a blatant copy, how well has it been engineered, the Chinese are notorious for cutting corners to save on material and manufacturing costs.

Next big question would be about product support, I seriously doubt there is any so don’t count on any sort of warranty.