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Chart for Garnet - Help

Dear Friends,

I have prepared a chart about garnet and main species. I would be happy to help me to modify it with your opinions.


This is helpful for remembering the various types of garnets, but you have left out the various pyrope/almandine and pyrope/almandine/spessartite (pyralspite (sp?)) hybrids like rhodolite and etc. You’d have to figure out a way to enlarge the chart and add them. Then there would need to be an asterisk or something on the rhodolite (and maybe others?) which are sometimes color shift or color change, right? Maybe Hanneman’s book on garnets would be a helpful reference or maybe the gemstone magnetism site…I admit I don’t know all the varieties myself…

I forgot…Hanneman has beat you to it in that he has a tetrahedron in his book which you can assemble from a page which shows all the garnet species, their RIs and compositions and names…which doesn’t mean that a 2D chart wouldn’t be helpful, tho’…just that the info is there in his book and prolly in other gemology texts…

Dear Mr. Roy,

I appreciate for your attention. I try to modify it step by step.

And I think I should modify this chart till the time it is simple otherwise it would by confusing.

If you help to modify the design and colors I would be thankful.

Thank you for sharing! very nice diagram…
Great to memorize the garnet species. :clap:
The colour of the boxes could actually be adjusted to the real colour of the gem. You could even add a photo of a crystal sample for each of them…
I agree with previous comments that the hybrid species like rhodolite are missing…and should be added as they are commonly found in garnet rocks.
I hope it helps…

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Nice!!! that is much better!!! well done :clap: :clap: emadrezaei

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Thank you dear Laurent,

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Very nice!

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I prefer the the two tetrahedron diagram… mineralogy only has six names… they consider all others to be trade names


What would be really cool is if you have the R.I. and S.G. posted next to each along with some of the mixed Composition ones. Then at a glance you’d have some total Info. - Mike Acquire Collectibles Certified Pro Gemologist IGS



Yes, but it would be so hard in design

Dion, I am killing myself laughing at that headline!!!

Very nice!!!