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I own a small \”mom and pop\” jewelry store in deep East Texas. Our store is 68 years old and business is doing really well. I am a graduate gemologist (\’82) however I really enjoy learning and re-learning different aspects about minerals and gems. I have been a member of IGS for a few years and LOVE it and every article found inside the depths of the website.

Hi Charlene, below is the address for a book on practical gemmology that I have put on the internet for reading or download free. It contains some items (see specific gravity) that you may not have come across. Enjoy. Adrian

Am I doing something wrong? I can not open your site in Charlene IGS info.

Hi Charlene, you need to copy the address line and paste it in the Google Chrome search area for it to work. Do try that. From the discussion page it will not work. Sorry. I should have made it clearer for you. Best wishes. Adrian Ryder 11.15pm 06/11/2021