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I joined IGS pro member last week, and am thinking to sign up certification program. How many courses, and how long I need to complete the study to get certificate? Thanks. Henry

The Certification Course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course. To prepare for the 3 written exams (multiple choice) and 1 practical exam, you should read the articles on the Syllabus. The exams are “open book,” too.

The Certification page and FAQ has more information on the course.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Good luck.

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After years of procrastination, I finally took the plunge last month and enrolled in the certification course. As things would happen, an unexpected turn at work has caused me to take on additional responsibilities. This has completely altered my plans for completing the course. I was at a point where I could spend a couple of hours a day on the course. Now, it appears that I would be lucky to get such study time in a week. So, I just wanted to see if others who have completed the course, just how long did it take them to complete it and if they had any suggestions that they learned on how to study the material and prep for the exams. Any suggestions would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much. Just started reading the Syllabus as suggested. What device/equipment do I have to purchase in order to prepare for Practical Exam. Thanks again.

I’ve started my certification in April 2017 and I’m just putting about two hours a week since I don’t have more time for it. It’s now February and I’m at Step IV, lesson 12. But I took the plunge and I took all 3 written exams within the first few months. I passed all of them, the first one I had to take it twice because I failed it but passed it easily the second time.
Now I’m waiting to finish all the articles to take the practical exam. I just have 13 articles to go until I finish all so it would take about a full year to do the whole certification if you only put about two hours a week.

My suggestion (which worked for me) is to read the question and open a separate window/tab with the IGS website open and look up your answers in the articles. This is actually encouraged by IGS, to look up the answers and read about it before answering. Sometimes the answer is quite hidden or tricky so you’ll have to be very careful. I hope this helps.
Good Luck!

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Susana: Thank you very much for sharing the Tips.

For the Practical Exam, we recommend as a minimum the equipment in Recommended Gemology Tools and Instruments.

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Thanks for the answer. I am at step II now. How many steps I have to complete in order to take the first written exam? Should I take one by one, or take the 3 exams at the same time, when I complete Step I, II and III? Your answer is greatly appreciated.

You should read through the entire Syllabus before taking the written exams. You can take all three written exams at the same time. The exams have different questions and span all the material on the Syllabus. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you. Some good advice and appreciated I assure you. Any other suggestions that you may have for me as I start down this path would be most welcomed. Good luck with your studies…and again, thank you very much.

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Enjoyed your comments and believe me, they are appreciated. Take care and best of luck.

Good advice! Most likely more akin to my learning techniques to at least read the information first and then go back to review for the exams…but then, I am old and stuck in my ways. Appreciate yours and the group’s thoughts greatly.

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Darryll, your advice is greatly appreciated. Never too old to learn. I enjoyed learning so far.