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Just read ab article on certification, which in truth was quite interesting. I do however disagree that it is as great a minefield as it appears. There are genuine labs out there and in honesty at very reasonable cost. I use the FGL and the guy that runs it is not only extremely honest but is helpful to the degree that he will give you the chemical breakdown of your stone. His costs are more than affordable and personally I find it not only reassures a prospective buyer but actually reassures me. I recently sold a rather nice emerald to someone who asaked me to have it certificated, sent it to the lab and in truth had said that it had not been treated… the cutter had not oiled it and I certainly hadn’t but it came back with minor oiling. I was surprised and so asked about this and we came to the conclusion that the rough had more than likely been oiled for display. The certificate states minor oiling.Which is good because the client knows exactly what they are getting and I can put my hand on my heart and sell the stone exactly as it is. If you want a genuine certificate at a fraction of the cost from a really honest laboratory then use the FGL. If oyu need contact details let me know and I will pass them on to you.


yes please! do you think that stone is worth anything?


Sorry which stone?


Please email me on and I will forward you the details of the lab.