CatsEye value

A CatsEye of 350 Carat, nr 2 in size in the world. What might be the value if this stone, anyone an idea?
The largest Catseye more than 400 Carat, value is not documented (on the internet). So hard to get some reference.

Thanks in advance.


I am new at this website, so bit confused, please correct me if I am wrong.
In my relation-network I have been approached to intermediate for a large CatsEye, probably nr 2 in seize in the world. According some comparison has it some similarities as the largest CatsEye in the word, so called “the Eye of the Lion”.

Our CatsEye is IGI certified, 350 Carat.
So need to know what value it can be estimated.
Can you help me with this. Can sent more details and short videos.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, if you indeed have a world class 350 carat catseye chrysoberyl, then I believe no one could give you an accurate price on the piece as you could say it is priceless.
but at the end of the day it is like a lot of gemstone it is worth what someone is willing to pay

There are many different types of cat’s-eye of much lower value than chrysoberyl such as diopside and scapolite. Value also depends on quality; big does not necessarily equal valuable.

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