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Carved Squid: Gemstone identification


_emphasized text_Hello there,

I have a neat gemstone carved into what appears to be a squid or cephalopod of some sort, although I could be wrong and that’s simply all I want to see; but carved very nicely, none the same.

I am trying to identify what sort of stone it is. I took it to a jeweler who only glanced at it and said it was an amethyst and someone else said it looked like fluorite. I do not believe it is either. When placed under a UV light, the light pink/light purple stone fluoresces a brilliant red color. I don’t know amethyst nor fluorite to light up in this way.

I noticed that on pale surfaces, the stone does not glow quite as brilliantly as it does in my hand or on a dark surface. I don’t know if that makes any difference.

There is an internal pale streak running horizontally/diagonally through the top and no discernible bubbles or other flaws.

Any help in identification of this lovely little stone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ![image|500x500](upload://lt6wl9fpWT40JzTnd6URn3fWk9V.jpeg)



A quick guess, subject to lots of caveats, would will be Fluorite. The color fits and fluorite is indeed fluorescent, with a wide range of potential colors under UV excitement. It would appear from the photo that there is at least one cleavage plane through the carving. Fluorite has 4 directions of perfect cleavage and this may be one of them. You can test specific gravity (3.0-3.3) or if you don’t mind scratches, you could test for hardness (4).
Perhaps others here can offer more sophisticated suggestions. Good luck!