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Canadian ice diamond P1 quality?


A question from a consumer:

I’m due to collect a new engagement ring from the jeweller this week
costing £7,500. It’s a Canadian Ice Diamond 1ct and will have a
certificate of authenticity. When I enquired whether it was S1 etc I was told
its P1 and this is the French grading.

After reading the IGS article where P1 is industrial grade and hardly any
light passes through it I’m wondering if I’m paying too much for what
now seems a very poor quality diamond. I’m buying this from very
reputable jeweller so I’m very confused as to why it has such a high
price tag.

Please help!


Not sure how accurate this is, but here is something I found. Sounds like it falls in the GIA I(ncluded) catergory.

-Dave Dawson


You should be buying a GIA Certified Diamond at that price…I would stay away from diamonds that use fancy terms and very marketing oriented language.

I’ve never heard of a Canadian Ice Diamond. Canada has some incredible diamond mines that produce very clean, white diamonds. I have bought and sold many that Diamonds from Diamond Dealers that buy sites from Canadian Mines. I have never heard them termed as Ice Diamonds.

If you are going to layout that much money, I’d just go to Blue Nile and get an VS1-G Color 1 Carat Round with Excellent Cut Grade, Symmetry, Polish, etc…

Any diamond that requires the use of a substandard grading system, don’t buy it. You will regret it and there is usually no way to get your money back.

If you are looking to save money, go for a GIA SI1 with F or G Color. Make sure that the inclusions are in the girdle area or near the girdle in the crown facets. Don’t by a diamond with a High Relief (black) inclusion.

You can find a better deal and often times it will be online. Use a online retailer that has a return policy you can live with…

Good Luck,



For 7500 pounds, I would expect a good quality diamond. However, if you have any question about the answer “P1” then you would do well to reconsider your purchase. Best of luck, btw, I can make you the ring for a lot less than that.



P1 - Here is a chart I found for comparison