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Can you suggest what I pay?

Yep, I can suggest what you pay, nothing, and I hope you haven’t.

Check this out Fake Emeralds.

Oh boy. I paid $100

I’m gonna try to cancel

Good luck!

Most of people who sell gemstones with this sort of certification are coming from India, and those certificates are fake. I have two like that and are fake. People set up a website and print out their own certificates; or the certificate is real but the gem is not. Be careful when purchase online, although there are bad/scammers but there are still honest online sellers. Just have to be aware of those.

Hi, you have paid almost nothing if it’s the natural emerald.
It’s too good for this price, if it’s natural it should have been 750$.
Ask the seller to get you a certificate done from GTL jaipur.Gem Testing Laboratory is a project of GEM AND JEWELRY EXPORT promotion council of India. I can say GTL is GIA of india.
Why have you not shown the full certificate.

Possibility here is that not the labs but the seller may be fake …in terms they may get the report of the real stone but on the report of real stone sending the fake stone.

$0, I am positive it’s fake.

People bring these to me all the time asking if I will buy them, they are always glass.