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Can you recognize the stone?

I have found stone attached picture. Can you recognize, what stone it is?
Thank you

Wow that could be just about anything from glass to diamond. Where did it come from? Have you tested it’s RI? Done a scratch test? Checked it’s Specific Gravity? These are a few things to do that may help you in determining what it is. Pretty color.
All the best on your inquiry.

Im new in this. How to do ri test and scratch test?
Thank you for your reply

RI stands for refractive Index. They have tools for a scratch test or if you have certain gems in you possession that you may use and are not afraid to scratch them with. Diamond is the hardest 10, sapphire or corundum 9, Topaz 8, Quartz 7, Feldspar 6, Apatite 5, Fluorite 4, Calcite 3, Gypsum 2 and last is Talc. By scratching the stone with any of these you may determine what category your specimen is in. The softer some will not scratch your stone, of course. If you do not have a Refractometer, you may try to check it’s specific gravity. Weigh it in a little rig that you can easily make that will hang over your scale as it sits on your scale. First out of the water. Then weigh it again as your stone is submerged in the water. It’s not that hard to do but my directions most likely stink. Lol. There is a listing of specific gravity for stones online somewhere. You can find YouTube videos on how to accomplish this task with ease. A Chelsea filter comes to mind also but those are mostly for emeralds.
I wish I could be of more assistance.

I will say glass at this stage???
thanks for putting it on the community

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Looks like typical slag glass

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