Can you guess what this photo is of

Hi have a guess what you are looking at in this photo

They appear to be wet and have they been tumbled

Hmmm…it looks like Redcurrants.:smile::smile:

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Heated and “fill in glass” ruby… a common treatement in for low quality ruby

Looks like a lab grown ruby cluster.

Glass filled ruby like BH QEMS said . I have seen a photo just like this some place other than here . Glass filed stuff looks like glazed doughnuts to me. I like glazed doughnut not glazed ruby. Do not get me wrong I can see why it is done

Yes you guys are on the ball BH Gems and 707chrisa, it is glass filled ruby just out of the furnace, next thing they will do is use snips to cut them apart and then place the lot in a tumbler to get the sharp edges off of the pieces. then of course sell them to the wholsaler’s.
this lot is only a couple of days worth of heating and glass filling by a family near Chanthaburi our gem tour visited the place and watched them bring the crucibles out of the furnaces. They were also experimenting with yellow corundum glass fill
any further information I am happy to supply

makes me think of wet bacon bits.

I have also seen this in some other place than here, and they are definitely glass filled rubies.