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Can someone please tell how much is aquamarine worth?

hi everyone,
I was wondering how much a cushion , cabochon cut aquamarine is worth?
It is natural with natural inclusions, will let light through but I can not see clearly through the stone. it is approximately 24 carat. Medium dark blue I purchased it in America.
Thank you

Hi cannot say without a photo/s but sounds like it is of poor quality

thank you for your time

Can I ask how much you paid for it?
That’s generally how much it’s worth :roll_eyes:

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Maybe $25. Its good color, clarity is not too good, saturation is even, but honestly it is hard to tell from a picture. You’d have to send it to my lab fro a true appraisal/certification if you really want to know.


A quick look at Etsy gave me a price of about $16 for similar stones. It isn’t worth the time or money to have it appraised. If you like it, have it set in silver as a large ring or a pendant and enjoy it. It’s a nice blue. -royjohn

if i had to guess its not nature grown if you bought it that way from anywhere other then a pro. hope you didnt pay to much. it seems off to me…

fractor filled maybe?

or someone fucked up on the speed it was pulled up at… and twitched
im sorry i got off in my own world. this is not the post for my thoughts on that end.