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Can ruby simulants fluoresce?

I’m wondering if ruby simulants can fluoresce like genuine rubies do. I have what I believe to be a ruby simulant, but it surprised me when it fluoresced like crazy under UV light. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Yes. Hopefully you can see the full article here:

Also here under Luminescence:

Flame fusion ruby does fluoresce strongly.

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Good question for a lot of people.
I was confused for some time till I started studying and asking questions. I was surprised to find out how some rubies will fluoresce at different intensity coming from different parts of the world. It is the mineral make up of the stone it’s self. Got to love what Mother Nature has given us to play with in the natural world best.
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Hi not wanting to split hairs but Simulants is not ruby synthetics, they are other gems or other synthetics where another person is stating that it is a ruby such as garnet, synthetic red spinel, cubic zirconia, red glass etc.

Good point. I totally missed that. Another article to pull from the library…

Many thanks to all who have responded. I’m a bit embarrassed to tell you that I had just taken—and passed—the Ruby course before asking my question. But my confusion about fluorescence, which this thread has cleared up for me, was due to not realizing that simulants and lab-created gems are essentially the same thing.

Actually, not. Lab-created/synthetic ruby is ruby. Lab created red spinel, red cubic zirconia and red glass are ruby simulants.

I’ll check for you both long and short I think anyway I have both to test it with just so happens I ordered some in to test my diamonds

Long and short wave for the black lights just in case I didn’t explain myself