Can I become a gemologist if I’m color blind?

Hi all. I’m Red-green colour blind, as my green receptors in my eyes either don’t work/don’t exist. I’d love to study the online course here to become a gemologist but was wandering how my vision would affect this? Am I still able to study this course or not? Would I be able to complete it successfully or not? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Every gemologist I’ve met claimed that title with a PhD. The question is, do you feel confident in that kind of investment while being colorblind?

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It’s been a passion of mine my whole life, my biggest dream. So you’ve met lots of colour blind Gemologists? I guess I’d be able to complete this online course then. Cheers

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at, my statement was not unfair in the slightest. The answer you seek is best determined by yourself and who should have to follow the suggestion of a stranger on the internet anyways? Especially regarding life’s passions. Introspection will guide you :relaxed:

This was a question raised a few years ago by another gemsociety member. Here is a link to the Q and A. I hope this helps address your concerns.

heard a discusion about color blind individuals being used to distinguish shades of green . there is some truth to this. know and welcome your gift

Colour blindness is actually a colour alteration. The idea is that people with colour alteration of green and red actually have a higher vision of colour alterations in blues, yellows. Such people see the attributes of other colours in a more heightened aspect than those certified as being colour natural.
The tendency of people with altered colour aspects is interesting in that their perceptions and attractions are to shy away from blacks and greys and a tendency to accept white.
The colour perspective and the colour refractions of gemstones is really interesting, particularly when a man who is colour altered innocently tries to colour match for a woman’s piece of wardrobe.
All to do with receptions and receptors and the refractive index of stones.

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