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Can anyone please tell me if this stone is an imperial Topaz or Diamond?

Hi everyone,

I am very new in the profession of precious stone , i have discovered not long ago from one of my mining place this stone. When it is in contact with the light it exhibits red yellow colours. After that i took several pictures (in 360 degrees) then while focusing my attention on those image i noticed little shining colours within the specimen. As i was curious i then tried to zoom then to my surprise i saw different types of beautiful colours shaped like stars from pink yelow red colors. I then built a website to showcase all the pictures and videos that i took with more details ( anyone who wish to visit my website for this is the URL: As this specimen is uncut i took it to 2 experts in my region and and both of them gave different appraisals .one mentioned this is a diamond the other said it is an imperial topaz and a vary rare one which made me confused about the identity of this stone and knowing my lack of experiences and knowledge that motivated me enough ( after lot of research online )to become a professional member of IGS because i believe it is the best place to find my answers and the necessary help and i thank in advance the members who take their time to share with us their experience .

To finish Can anyone please help me identify this specimen ? I\’d really appreciate.Thanks


![IMG_20210907_165216|666x500](upload://xlzKKU5oCj0tAGpSGZws19uThvq.jpeg) ![IMG_20210907_165221-2|666x500](upload://iffsRgOIC8S3YehIhoGW3r8s6tv.jpeg) ![IMG_20210911_184408|375x500](upload://pQCTJCTZ1OlF7hJYmwHhZISJa8b.jpeg) ![the-5kg-golden-red-topaz-stone-1-1|506x380](upload://7PoGamLfCI3QZTvoYxBDqiJVtF9.jpeg) ![AFTER-ZOOMING-PINK-YELLOW-BROWN-RED-COLORS-INSIDE-PRECIOUS-TOPAZ-GEMSTONEpng|666x500](upload://wcQ0lK1tdfLdpMbYudFysBYR6HM.jpeg) ![IMG_20210907_165221-2|666x500](upload://iffsRgOIC8S3YehIhoGW3r8s6tv.jpeg)