Can anyone identify this type of opal for me

I have this opal I have been trying to identify it has a light brown body with white clouds in it most of the play of color comes off of the white clouds but there is color coming out of some spots of the light brown to me it kind of looks like a Galaxy it’s cab into half of a ball and as you’ll be able to see in the one picture I’m shining a light through it so I believe it’s a crystal type opal please tell me what you guys think I’ve been looking around a lot and I can’t seem to find one like it but I know it’s been around a long time

Hi hun it would seam to me that you have got your self a Bolder Opal stunning gem well done. best regards Jarryed.

I’ve never seen a piece of boulder opal like this before most of my border apples have been thin and attached to sand matrix but I do believe you have you seen a lot of material like this before it’s not hydrophone and it’s completely transparent if you hold a light to it but there are some darker brown clouds that hinder light and most of the color comes off of cloudy white matrix in it it’s one of the reasons I like this piece so much I was trying to identify it because I was going to build a bezel for it so if you say it’s boulder opal then I’ve identified it I’ll start building the bezel it could definitely be worse things then a 31 carat boulder opal that has no sand or Boulder matrix in or attached to it :grin: thank you so

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This is classic Queensland boulder opal. It normally occurs in an ironstone type rock that varies between arenite to claystone. The opal typically occurs as crack and pore fills up to blobs.

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