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Can anyone help me to identify


Hi I got Burmese untreated ruby before I spend money to get valuation I need some expert in this forum who can give me rough idea about the stone I can bring the stone to anywhere in the uk



Please anyone help me to identify this stone assuming to be natural from burma
Thank you I will upload some more pictures



Hi, I’m not an expert but I am a current Gemology student with an interest in Rubies.
Firstly, origin is only indicated by the viewing of the gemstones inclusion (certain inclusions can be attributed to certain origins) and possibly expensive chemical component analysis.
Everyone wants their rubies to be from Burma, 99% aren’t.
Secondly, the surface of your Ruby is concerning. Those wiggly lines across the facet surface are fractures and typical of glass filled rubies.
Rubies of poor colour and quality can be bleached then heated with red coloured glass flux which seeps in through those “cracks” and makes the ruby a very pretty ruby colour. Such gemstones aren’t really considered rubies and are only worth a few dollars. Such treatments should be disclosed.
The apparent “blue flash” in some of your photos is another indicator of glass filling. The lead glass filling inside has a different refractive index to ruby and under lights will show blue, not red.
Where you bought the Ruby from is also important. Well known and respected vendors disclose all treatments and good rubies are very expensive.
Rubies off the internet, from Gem auctions or eBay (Asian / Indian sellers) are most often highly treated and they don’t always disclose treatments. Some pretend they don’t know and just sell them as real, natural rubies.
Even the miners will do these undesirable treatments, anyone who wants to make money is tempted to turn “rubbish” into something pretty and saleable.
There is nothing wrong with buying glass filled rubies (other than they can’t be exposed to a jewellers torch or pickle) or synthethic rubies just so long as you pay the right price.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge the wiggly line is not from stone it’s actually from my camera which I couldn’t set up properly. Actual colour is different. I will post more pictures later. There is no surface reaching fractures in the stone I thoroughly examed the stone




Actually this stone bought from burma 30years ago


I think you are right it’s look treated with lead glass filling I bought this stone trusting his word that he bought this 30 years a go at that time glass filling not existed


im know expert either very cloudy noticed a bubble as well things i would need touch and see but my suggestion would be specific gravity and magnetism tests good luck and get the facts bottom line